I Dare Ya!

I am soooo very tempted. I might just have to do this. But I am certain Grant would not find it as funny as I do.  Somethings just need doing…ya know? And then…maybe not.

We have a very small Shih Tzu:


His name is Thor. He was the runt of the litter when I found him 11 years ago. He has a heart murmur and is not very intelligent, but he is happy and loving and fiercely protective of me…as protective as a 6 pound runt can be. He once stood on our bed and growled at Grant when he came home unexpectedly after a business trip. He doesn’t realize he is small and he is ALL male. He’s now a little old man in doggie form.

I was looking online this morning at T-shirts and found this for sale:

What do you think? Is anyone out there braver than me? Here’s the link for your own HoH Doggie Shirt.

21 thoughts on “I Dare Ya!

  1. yep I would put it on my dog but they probably don’t make it to fit a great dane.He is a super sized dog in an average sized world. We talk to our kids about the biblical roles of husband and wife. They know how things work. i haven’t talked to them about dd. Not sure if I will. Time will tell.

  2. Hahaha! I don’t have a dog but I’d consider getting one just so’s it could wear a T-shirt like this :)

    Dee x

  3. Hey, the dog can wear the shirt all he or you want–doesn’t make it true. For that matter, he can growl and threaten like he’s the alpha male, but that doesn’t make true, either.

    I’ve encountered more than one person who didn’t quite realize this when they were around me–but that’s a story for another day.

  4. Go on….. he’ll be happy that you are back to your all singing and dancing chirpy self…..this evening Peter took one of those annoying phone calls where they ask for the HOH.Under no illusions about his own self importance he passed it straight to the nearest teenager.That got rid of them.Teenagers don’t kind of ‘react’ in the same way to an enquiry about end of year tax returns, do they ?……food,yes…tax…Nah !Sarah,LD,UK

  5. I think Grant would find it funny too! It’s hilarious! Who wouldn’t find it funny? Go on, Sara, do it! You know you want to!!!!! xxxxxxxxxx

  6. im a bit late getting to this post but i absolutely love it and think absolutey you should get it – i think Grant will find it as funny as you do too ;) (just pick your timing)
    let us know
    love and hugs kiwi xxx

  7. Thanks everyone. I decided this one of those ideas best laughed about than acted on. And it’s not like the dog would wear the coat more than once…right?

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