Was The Spanko Fairy Here?

This was left in our kitchen at our summer house.

No one knows where it came from, why it is there, what it is. Well, that’s not quite right, of course we know what it is. It is a man’s belt with half the legnth cut off, the top part wrapped through the buckle. It was casually left next to the coffee pot. No one knows when or why it appeared. I arrived Sunday night and of course, it caught my eye right away.

“Um, Grant…what is that next to the coffee pot?”

“Huh, No idea…”

“Seriously? Where could that have come from?”

“I really have no clue, never saw it before!”


It sat there for the afternoon into the evening. No one claimed it. Later that night he casually handed it to me.

“Would you take this upstairs and put it on my dresser please?”

“Oh, really?”


“I see.”

And I do see. The Spanko fairy is leaving “gifts”. 

She needs to go elsewhere!

29 thoughts on “Was The Spanko Fairy Here?

  1. Ah, the special holiday tawse! We’ve got on e of those too. It’s always the first thing that gets unpacked we we arrive at the hotel. It is always hung from a picture rail or whatever else is available on a prominent part of the wall. Goodness knows what the chambermaids make of the note left on it asking them to leave it where it is!

    Only time I ever got the mean end of it was our first holiday with it 15 years ago – because I discreetly tidied it into the wardrobe. It’s function is rather obvious – it looks like what it is. Or as was carefully explained to me, its obviousness is a large part of its function!

  2. That’s hysterical, mainly because it’s not my house! Maybe you should get a fairy-proof security system! :)


  3. It would be great if those fairy types could find useful things to do – like laundry fairies or dirty dishes fairies or exercise fairies. On the other hand – maybe they are wiser than we think. Hope you have a great stay in the fairy house.

  4. That’s so funny, and yet SO NOT funny! That pic made me shudder! Eek! We had a spanko fairy visit our house, too, leaving not a belt, but a…spanko! And my previously sweet husband nowhere to be found, LOL! I agree, she needs to leave…and take her gifts back! :)

  5. Meow, she is indeed evil!

    joanna, we’ve never tried a tawse.

    D, fairy proof…great idea, but they’re tricky!

    Ashley, that was my worry…who left it and what do they know?

    gg…an exercise fairy? Ooh I NEED one!!!

    Very cute Kay. Isn’t it funny how we thought we were the spankos…and then, look what happened!

    Ally, her picture is below.

  6. That b*#ch needs to shop in a different catalog…like the diamond company for instance! Please don’t give her my address….I will however welcome the laundry fairy or the cleaning fairy as suggested by greengirl.

  7. Well banking on the fact she can’t find us in Spain on a camp site…the noise of the children will surely put her off…and the worrying sight of me in a bikini will make it a no brainer ! Big deep breaths as we all load into the car and head off…..

  8. Hi Sara,
    CSI Spank-ami here! Is it possible it came from these guys? Could they have left more than a wall decoration/paddle BEHIND?!!? :-)

    Sorry, I really am just a harmless lurker! ;-)

  9. HHmmm…. I’m getting a bit old so memory may not serve as good as it once has in the past…. but do I remember your fairy leaving a paddle in your summer home before?? I apologize if I’m getting you mixed up with another blogger… I especially love reading your blog so I’m really hoping not to be calling this one wrong. If so… really mean fairy is what you have… and I definitely think I’d be going on a fairy hunt!! ;o)

  10. Mmmm… I like the belt…especially hearing it snake out of his jeans…makes me come over all unnecessary!! LOL!

  11. Hi again,
    I think I used some wrong characters and something got dropped from my comment so here it goes again:

    Hi Sara,
    CSI Spank-ami here! Is it possible it came from these guys? (With Friends Like This….June 11, 2011)
    Could they have left more than a wall decoration/paddle (donning cool shades) BEHIND?!!?

    Sorry, I really am just a harmless lurker!

  12. K, I agree…gg’s onto something!

    You’re right there Hermione, but he swear’s it was not him!

    Happy camping Sarah! No fairies in Spain!

    She’s tricky that way Rogue!

    R, very cute…but the facts will show that paddle appeared in Florida and this house is in the Mountains. Back to your investigation please!

    Mikki, apparently you’ve been assisting R in the investigation? See above!

    R, persistent, aren’t you! ;)

    KiwiG, spoken like a true spanko!

  13. Sara,
    Cute post! Tell the Spanko Fairy there is no need to visit our house! BTW: I wanted you to know that I always read here…even if I don’t comment! I love your blog!

  14. From this I learned that if I’m very good, eat all my vegetables, and leave cookies out at night, the Spanko Fairy will reward me (and Lynda, too)

  15. too funny, though I’m sure I wouldn’t be laughing if it happened to me.
    Seriously, there’s got to be someone in your family.

  16. Lea, :D

    his 1st mate…thank you!

    Thanks for letting me know Tammy!

    Mick, such a quick study! But will Lynda feel “rewarded”?

    Danielle, scary thought!

    Ronnie, he wouldn’t find it funny at all. He is many things, but “fairy” like is not one of them!

  17. Another stray thought about this Spank Fairy – who on earth could it be? Who else uses your summer house? I would want to get to the bottom of it before it got to the bottom of me LOL

  18. joanna, Grant tried using it a few nights ago and it was wimpy at best…fail. He thinks it was a stray prop or costume piece from a past production that someone found and just left there. We’ve had no guests this summer, so it’s all we can figure!

  19. Hi again,
    Hmmm – so exactly what kind of “productions” does Grant put on ??!!!? :-) Inquiring minds want to know!! ;-)

  20. R, for someone who seems to know and remember every detail I have ever writtien ;) , I am suprised you did not catch this. Grant has mentioned on the blog that he is a theater artist and director. Sara

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